Meet shaun

My full name is Shaun Premnath. I’m a composer-performer who loves exploring both Eastern (Indian) and Western music and my ultimate goal is to become a ‘Master’ of both worlds. I fuse the two traditions to create something new and beautiful - music that isn't of any one type or genre, but rather a harmony with the potential to unify people of all cultures.   

For me, music is like oxygen to life. Put simply, it’s my compass. It’s been an innate part of who I am for as long as I can remember. Composing is my true life passion. 

Since the age of 10, I’ve considered the stage to be my best friend. Performing brings me a sense of euphoria. I’ve played countless shows here in Australia, in America and on the sub-continent, both solo and in bands, in major venues, musical theatre and at private functions. 

My qualifications include a Grade 7 level in AMEB Piano and Grade 5 in AMEB Theory, Grade 8 in ABRSM Piano and Grade 5 in AMEB Theory. I've completed the Yamaha Music Course Syllabus from Junior to intermediate Levels and am also a self-taught guitarist (both Acoustic and Electric) and Bass player. My constant desire to expand musical horizons currently sees me at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where I’m further enhancing my composition skills.